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MMBaytel was founded by Matt Moes in 1981. Matt has a background in high-tech. He earned a BSc in Cybernetics (information theory, control theory, and electronics for command-and-control systems in humans and machines) and Experimental Psychology at the University of Reading in England. He then went on to do graduate work in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, while working in a research lab putting together electronics and fiber optics for visual prosthetics. After earning a Masters and completing the coursework for a Doctorate he accepted a job in San Francisco with the nation’s largest public utility where he had the satisfaction of seeing the software he developed deployed in large-scale real-world applications throughout two-thirds of California.

He also managed several projects involving hi-tech start-up companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. This included the semi-automation of utility meter reading using early hand-held microprocessor-based “terminals,” as well as remote data extraction by phone and other communication links from the world’s first electronic time-of-use electricity meters.

Matt self-funded a PC-based software simulation of an interactive consumer product he invented, employing one of the leading software developers out of the Xerox Parc/Apple Computer group. This product was a bit ahead of its time (smart phones had then not yet been developed) but its time is now here — and Matt still owns the software. smile

It turned out that Paul Heckel, the software design guru Matt hired and met with periodically to make suggestions for improvements to Paul's software design wrote a seminal book, The Elements of Friendly Software Design, in which Paul thanks four people, including Matt and Bill Gates for having provided him with challenging work that stimulated many of the ideas in his book. Larry Tessler (VP of Advanced Products at Apple Computer) and Alan Kay (an Apple Fellow at Apple) raved with enthusiasm about the book's contributions to user friendly software design.

Matt was also a partner in a computer manufacturing company in Colorado Springs where he headed marketing for The Electronic Book (a precursor to modern tablet computers featured in an annual report of National Semiconductor).

After exploring the technologies and markets for various high-tech and then environmental cleanup industries, Matt began to focus on water treatment — especially on the products consumers use to improve their water. He has travelled the world for 35 years, studying needs and opportunities in this area, and has come up with several product ideas that he thinks have real commercial potential.

Baytel's Principals

Baytel’s principals include seasoned generalists grounded in the hard sciences. Each has decades of experience exploring the business opportunities for water treatment and storage products used by consumers, worldwide, as well as the technologies enabling these products.

Baytel’s principals also have specific personal expertise in such areas as high-tech product design, market research and data gathering, statistics, consumer behaviors, and in-country research work throughout the world. They have lived in Holland, England, Somalia, Jamaica, the United States, and Norway.

Major Areas of Expertise
Baytel’s Network of Industry Experts

Baytel can draw on a network of almost 2,000 contacts in this industry — many of them experts with knowledge of specific markets, technologies, and manufacturing & sourcing capabilities. If we don’t have the answer we can find it. We can help you and your team meet your needs in a timely and professional manner!

Baytel's Global Coverage
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Global Coverage

Baytel’s Network of In-Country Research Assistants

Over the years, Baytel has worked with a number of highly-capable in-country market research assistants, many of whom have also supplied us with ongoing market intelligence information. A number of these people work with Baytel as “stringers,” thus keeping our costs low. They range in capabilities from savvy journalists and tour guides to students and also some market research organizations that can get the job done under sometimes challenging circumstances (for example in the rural parts of emerging markets like Indonesia).

Baytel's Track Record

For more than 40 years — and in over 50 countries — Baytel’s research and insights have helped companies and organizations create, launch, distribute, and support exciting new products that treat, store, purify, and dispense water in homes and commercial establishments. We also assess market potential throughout the globe for both existing and new products.

Baytel’s clients have formed a “Who's Who” of the leading global and regional players involved with bulk (≥ 10L bottles) bottled water, and/or products and appliances used to treat and store water in the home.

Baytel has extensive experience understanding how consumers think and behave when making choices between tap water, private well water, bulk bottled water, and home water treatment and storage products. Baytel’s Principals have extensive “boots on the ground” experience carrying out research in both urban and rural areas. For example, we have carried out research work in over 25 cities and rural areas in each of India, China, SE Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Baytel offers a number of periodically updated “off-the-shelf” market and technology reports. These reports offer excellent value for money spent and shed light on business opportunities for the water treatment and storage products involved and/or the technologies that enable them. See Publications.

Baytel’s “off-the-shelf” reports currently include the 2024 “Global Markets” report (data for key variables in each of 50 countries, plus regional and global totals). This “Global Markets” reports is also available by region. Finally, we offer a few comprehensive individual country market reports for several large and particularly important markets.

Baytel principals have had first-hand experience conducting primary research into each of the country markets for home water treatment products that Baytel covers, since 1986.

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Baytel does not collect, share, or sell any information or data related to your visit to this site.