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Whether it’s a new global product, or whether your team wants to expand into a specific country or region, Baytel’s best-in-class market research reports often provide exactly what is needed in a very cost-effective way. Beyond this, Baytel also provides comprehensive and completely confidential custom consulting services for further research — in-country surveys, interviews focus groups, and so forth — as well as Board-Level presentations supporting your goals.

The Global Market for Residential Water Treatment Products, 2024 edition.

For over a decade, Baytel's “Global Markets” report has set the gold standard for succinctly presenting the data needed for insightful analyses of the global market for residential water treatment products — products that consumers use to treat, store, and dispense water. Products that improve and dispense drinking water, as well as products like softeners and scale inhibitors that improve working water are all covered.

This indispensable resource is being released in regional modules: the module covering the USA and Canada is already shipping to clients. The modules covering Europe (with individual coverage of 13 countries) and Latin America (individual coverage of 8 countries) are due out in early March. The modules covering Asia (individual coverage of 13 countries) and the Middle East, Africa, Oceania & Other Countries (individual coverage of 9 countries plus an invaluable overview section providing Regional Comparisons and Global Analyses) are scheduled for release in late March.

For each of the 50 key country markets individually covered by the report we provide:

💧 Market Overview 💧 Market Size: New Systems Shipped in 💧Units and 💧Dollars 💧by Product Type 💧 Consumables, Service and Installation in Dollars 💧 Market Characteristics 💧 Segmentation by Product Type in Units 💧 Segmentation by Product Type in Dollars 💧 Segmentation by Primary Technology 💧 A Post-Covid Analysis of the Current Market 💧 and 2- and 5-Year Market Forecasts (based on 3 decades of tracking the industry rather than on absurdly optimistic forecasts designed to hype the market & sell reports) 💧 Market Shares for the Leading Players in each country market 💧 Channel Breakdown in Dollars Spent 💧 The competing and complementary roles of Tap Water & Bottled Water 💧 Impacts of the Wars in Ukraine and Gaza 💧 Issues and Drivers.

★ New for 2024! Markets for Residential Water Treatment Products in Southeast Asia.

An Essential Resource for teams exploring or expanding in this region. Covered separately: Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, and "Other Southeast Asia."

Here are examples of some country market reports.

China 2023
India 2023
Vietnam 2023
USA 2023

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