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Multi-Client Reports

Baytel offers clients both syndicated (multi-client) country market and business opportunity reports, as well as custom reports prepared on demand. Custom reports include coverage of enabling technologies, markets, product concept testing in various markets, business strategy, manufacturing options, competitive intelligence, and so on.

Baytel's multi-client reports are relied on and respected for their breadth and depth of coverage. Detailed, authoritative, up-to-date, and insightful, these reports will help you plan, grow, and optimize your business in more than 50 countries. Baytel can also do live presentations of any of its reports.

Baytel continuously gathers new data and information about markets all over the world. We can therefore cost-effectively revise any report to make it absolutely up-to-date and relevant. Contact us to discuss your needs confidentially.

Baytel’s country market and business opportunity reports include detailed and in-depth information about:

Market Sizes (Historical Trends and Informed Projections) – a Quantitative Analysis including:

  • Segmentation by product type (location/configuration, technology; system vs. consumables)
  • Segmentation by region of the country
  • Segmentation by distribution channel

Interaction with Competing and Complementary Products (Bulk Bottled Water, Tap Water)

  • What Consumers Like and Dislike about Home Water Treatment Products & Services, as well as Bulk Bottled Water and Tap Water
  • Actual product quality vs. consumer beliefs/perceptions for tap water where it is used, bulk bottled water, and water treated by home water treatment products

Distribution Channels

  • By Type of Retailer (e.g. hypermarket , supermarket , hardware store, plumbing wholesaler, department store, home improvement/construction materials, specialized stores, water treatment dealers, etc.)
  • Direct Sales & Rentals (including type of network)
  • Online
  • Through Building Contractors (Residential Construction Firms)

Prices Paid (or that consumers would be prepared to pay), Financing Offered

Product Use in the Home (Baytel does in-home studies and provides photographs of how these products are using in homes of different economic class)

Aftermarket Sales

Promotion & Advertising

Market Issues & Drivers

Trust Marks (certifications, seals of approval, “tested by xxx,” etc.)

Product Claims, by brand, model, and company

Regulatory Environment (specifics, advantages conferred on local players, etc.)

Business Opportunities (actionable advice and insights, specific contacts, and so on)

Business Profiles of Key Players (key potential players are identified and profiled too)


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