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The 2018 edition of Baytel's widely-acclaimed Mega-Report

"Global Markets for Home Water Products & Services"

  • Individually covers each of 45 key country markets in directly comparable formats
  • Also provides regional & global market totals
  • The all new 2018 edition has been expanded to cover 12 new country markets
  • New emphasis on competing and complementary product categories: tap water, bulk bottled water, well water, etc.
  • Click here for a prospectus and request sample pages

Home water treatment products and services in Japan

Home water treatment products and services in India

Home water treatment products and services in Brazil

Baytel Brazil

Coming Soon:

The German Market for Home Water Treatment Products and Services

Baytel Germany

We've carried out numerous projects in other countries exploring the markets and business opportunities for home (residential) water treatment products and have numerous editions of reports on many other country markets.

These reports can readily be updated to reflect the latest changes in the markets and/or to meed the requirements of your specific goals and interests.

Contact us directly to discuss your needs.

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