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Confidential Custom Consulting

In addition to its syndicated (multi-client) reports covering the markets, business opportunities, and enabling technologies for the home water treatment business, Baytel offers its clients completely confidential, custom consulting services. We are very much aware of confidentiality considerations and we routinely execute mutual non-disclosure agreements.

Projects are tailored to client needs. Typical confidential custom consulting projects involve:

  • Strategic options
  • Exploring business adjacencies
  • Finding/suggesting business partners
  • Global or country/region-specific market assessments
  • Potential product assessments
  • Ranking markets as to sales potential
  • Locating/suggesting distribution partners
  • Acquisitions research
  • Providing information about what it takes to get into manufacturing components
  • Competitive intelligence gathering about companies, business units, products, technologies
  • Custom presentations & seminars
  • Who is manufacturing what, where, how?
  • Technology research
  • Performance claims/issues
  • Value chains
  • Sourcing options
  • What consumers like and dislike about existing or contemplated products
  • Virtual shopping (results of retail and direct sales “audits”)
  • Investment opportunities
  • Funding sources
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Baytel has been studying consumers' interactions with water in the home for more than 30 years, in some 50 countries, on five continents. We know what has worked for companies by way of product features, pricing and distribution, and what has not. We know what the trends and opportunities are, and what the pitfalls have been. We know the players. We know the distribution channels.

We have visited hundreds of homes around the world, to see how families in different economic classes use bulk bottled water, tap water, stored water, and water treatment products. We ask them what they like about these products, what they dislike about them, and why.

Similarly, we have visited hundreds of retailers, in countless cities and villages throughout the world, to see what they carry, how it is priced; what is moving and what is not. We ask them what kinds of consumers are buying their products, on what basis these consumers make their purchase decisions, and why. We also “audit” direct sales people’s selling methods.

Benefit from Baytel's experience, information, and insights, whether the project is large or small. Contact Baytel today to discuss how we can help you meet your goals. There is no charge or obligation for an initial consultation.

Sometimes outside help is needed to move things along

Baytel has been focused on water in the home for over 30 years. Our clients have ranged from small technology-driven startups to global suppliers of consumer products, beverages, chemicals, and appliances.

Consulting projects undertaken at Baytel are carried out by Baytel principals, each of whom has decades of experience in the field. We tell it as we see it. We ask tough questions and come up with real, actionable answers. We believe our record speaks for itself.


Contact Baytel today to confidentially discuss consulting projects that could help your business grow.

We know the markets, the products, the technologies, the prices, the value chains, the competition, and the opportunities.

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A real person, one of Baytel’s Principals, will discuss your needs and explain how we can be of help. There is no obligation or fee for an initial consultation!


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