Household Water Storage

Consumers around the world find it useful, and sometimes necessary, to store water for household use. Baytel has been studying household water storage for many years, whether it involves extra bottled water, water treatment and storage devices, elevated or ground-level tanks, or rainwater collection and storage systems.

Modern Rooftop Tanks
Rooftop water storage tanks in Mexico
Shut-Off Valve
Modern rooftop water tanks have automatic control valves
Tank in Laos
Ground-level water storage in Laos
Underground Cistern
Opening a water cistern
Cistern Valve
The shut-off valve in a water cistern
Traditional Storage Filter
Water stored in a mineral pot in China
Modern Storage Purifier
A child with a modern storage purifier
Storage for bottled water in a refrigerator with a water dispenser on the door
Condo Tanks
Rooftop storage tanks on an apartment building in India -- one of them open to the elements.

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