Sources of Household Water

Baytel has direct experience with consumers using all of the major sources of household water: raw water (surface or ground), tap water, bulk bottled water or packaged water, vended water, tanker water, and so on.

The source of water can greatly affect its quality and must be understood in order to apply suitable treatment methods or find alternative sources when necessary. Baytel knows the mandated and actual water quality parameters in all of the major markets: national and regional, in many cases, by city or even neighborhood. Water quality often varies by season, and in the case of piped water, there are often significant changes in quality as water is distributed after central treatment.

In many areas, household drinking water is a separate issue, so that while raw water or tap water may be used for many household chores, bottled water or water treated in the home is used for such purposes as drinking water, infant care, some food preparation tasks, and so on.

Water Source: Raw Water Water Source: Tap Water Water Source: Bottled Water Water Source: Vended Water Water Source: Tanker Water

Raw Water

Tap Water

Bulk Bottled Water

Vended Water

Tanker Water