A Global Perspective

Baytel principals have worked in over 50 countries, including much of North and South America, most of Asia, and parts of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We have visited homes, stores, factories, corporate offices and research labs throughout the world, from some of the richest countries to some of the poorest, from Luxembourg, Norway and Singapore to Somalia and Laos.

We have been in the homes of some of the world’s richest people, as well as the homes of hundreds of middle class and poor families. We have interviewed people in these environments over the course of the past 30+ years. There has been one common thread to these discussions: water in the home. Raw water, tap water, bulk bottled water, vended water, tank-truck delivered water, and stored water.

Baytel’s clients include companies and organizations working on every continent except Antarctica. We have learned from their questions and from the research we have undertaken to help supply the answers. Let us show you how Baytel’s global perspective can benefit you!


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Baytel travels the globe gathering information for reports and consulting projects


Company interviews

We visit companies planning, developing and marketing water treatment products

Consumer interviews

We spend time with consumers around the world talking about water

Market interviews

We have visited hundreds of markets to talk to consumers about water

Retail audits

This saleswoman demonstrated Sharp's water purifier for us

Trade shows

We visit water treatment trade shows around the world

Baytel's scope

A current map of Baytel's geographic scope


Other Areas of Expertise


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