Consumables & Replacements

Almost every water treatment product contains consumable components -- items that must be replaced from time to time. However, left to themselves, consumers rarely carry out these maintenance procedures as directed. Some companies have implemented reminder technologies, or even shut-off systems: "Pure Water or No Water". Others have turned to annual maintenance contracts.

Consumables include various types of filters, RO elements or other membranes, UV bulbs and sleeves, and many other types of "cartridges" -- even cartridges containing beneficial minerals and vitamins.

The more successful companies approach this as a “razor and razor blades” market and are keenly interested in aftermarket sales and service for consumables. But not everything has been tried!

There are certain consumer expectations as to the ratio of a cartridge price to the price paid for the original system, as well as to how much performance a replacement cartridge should provide.


A Variety of consumables

Filter cartridges and boost pumps at a water treatment dealership in Indonesia

Ceramic filter

Traditional ceramic candles require both maintenance and eventual replacement

Haier-Strauss cartridge

This Haier-Strauss Water replacement filter cartridge forces water through a “maze” of different media to accomplish its task, much like the earlier Hague WaterBoss systems


Consumables for various Rotoplas systems at Home Depot in Mexico

A Variety of consumables

Typical consumables for mineral pots in Vietnam

A Variety of consumables

Bad merchandising at a Carrefour in Kuala Lumpur


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