Sources of Household Water - Bulk Bottled Water (Bottles ≥ 10 L)

Benefit from Baytel's expertise in bulk bottled water markets around the world, including products from global suppliers, local bottlers, and refilling stations.


Coca-Cola Water in Manila

Bulk bottled water at a convenience store in the Philippines

Water Deliveris

Bottled water delivery to homes in Mexico

Water Transport

Transporting water between islands in Indonesia

The Water Bottle Cycle

Empty bottles being returned in India

Water Refilling Station

A “water refilling station” in the Philippines

A Local Bottling Plant

Refilling stations are often next door to laundries so that RO reject water can be recycled

A Local Bottling Plant

Local bottlers treating and packaging tap water are found in many countries

Other Water Spources That We Study

  Water Sources&$59; Vended Water Sources: Tap Water Sources: Raw Water Sources: Tanker
  Vended Water Tap Water Raw Water Tanker Water

Different Areas of Expertise


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