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Baytel knows the products, brands and prices from around the world. We have analyzed technologies, marketing strategies, and distribution channels for decades. Our expertise covers drinking water, household water, and water in small commercial applications (like restaurants, schools and hotels).

Baytel has studied the value chains and supply chains for home water treatment equipment in the major markets.

Our reports include not only business analysis, but proprietary photos from our large in-house photo library. Our knowledge of many of the products includes hands-on experience.


Low-cost water treatment equipment at traditional retail in India

The Unilever Pureit products are inexpensive, effective, and well advertised

An end-of-faucet ("faucet mount") filter in Brazil

A carbon-UV "countertop" water purifier from 3M for sale in Taiwan

An undersink system installed in a kitchen in Bangkok

Traditional Thai wall mounted filters in Bangkok

Pour-through filter pitchers and faucet mounts in Taiwan "based on German technology"

Water purifying "tea bags" in Africa

The idea is to sell sachets of water treatment media in sari-sari stores, kiranas, and bodegas

Aquatabs water purifying tablets in a Mexican pharmacy

A GE brand refrigerator filter head and consumer-replaceable filter cartridge

The point-of-entry (POE) system treats all water flowing into the house

Another POE system in Malaysia


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